Assignment DescriptionFor the first assignment of your course project, you will write a detailed individual and family case history as part of an assessment. Please keep in mind that this first component will serve as the basis for the rest of your course project. The more developed your initial case history, the easier it will be to develop your Comprehensive Case Study for the final project.You were provided with four possible case studies in the Unit 1 studies. If you have not done so already, choose one of the case studies to work with throughout your course project.Assignment InstructionsUse the Case Study Template media piece in the Course Resources to complete an individual assessment, including:Description of the individual’s mental health history. (C6.SP.B, C7.SP.B, C7.SP.D, C8.SP.B, C9.SP.B) Identifying Information.Referral Source.Presenting Problem.History of Problem.Previous Counseling Experience.Description of the individual’s family history. (C6.SP.B, C7.SP.B, C7.SP.D, C8.SP.B, C9.SP.B)Description of the individual’s personal history. (C6.SP.B, C7.SP.B, C8.SP.B, C9.SP.B)Medical History.Educational History.Social Class.Cultural History.Spirituality.Mental Status or Current Functional Exam. (C7.SP.D)References.As you complete the Case Study Template media piece based on one of the provided case studies, use your text and the DSM-5 as guides as well as one of the assessment tools from this unit’s studies:The guidelines for the mental status exam on pages 50–51 of Clinical Social Work Practice. Use questions 1–14 for the interview.One of the tools provided in the American Psychiatric Association’s Online Assessment Measures (link in the Resources) for diagnostic assessment tools and resources.